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Commercial Printing & Services

Simply put, the difference between success and failure in business is determined more by your advertising and marketing than any other thing that you can do. You can do everything else correctly in your business, but if people don’t know you exist, or your marketing materials do not show your business image correctly, your success will be very limited. Conversely, great marketing materials used correctly, will pay for themselves quickly and start adding to your bottom line in no time.


Al-Alfain advertising and marketing graphic design begins with state-of-the-art technology and strong artistic ability. Add to that the knowledge of what words work best to sell your product or service, and years of experience, and you have a winning combination that will help your company to move forward


Security Printing

Al-Alfain is Kuwait’s only local licensed commercial security printer, with unrivalled experience and a proven track record in the fight against counterfeit and fraud. We are strengthened by an international technology network of partners, which means we can support your document protection needs whatever they are.


ID Cards & Accessories

Al-Alfain recognises the importance of card wearing and other peripheral accessories. This is why we have our own card personalisation bureau and supply over 200 different products to store, protect, display and dispense cards.


We utilise Card Five Pro software to create your custom ID card layouts. We then produce your cards using ‘Thermal Re-Transfer’ printing technology for surface personalisation, and can also provide a high speed contact & contact less chip encoding process to expedite your electronic card personalisation requirements.


As well as standard surface security printing features we can also provide customised unique high security holographic protective overlays (From 3-D Laser to Electron Beam Holography) to add extra visual authentication as well as protecting the card during its lifetime.




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