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Security Printing

Security Features
& Benefits

Security Design


Normally security features are incorporated into the paper while it is being manufactured, making them part of the substrate itself. These features are thus extremely difficult to counterfeit or alter without degrading the paper itself.


For maximum effectiveness, different types of features are used in various combinations, to make the document secure on more than one level. These range from the most obvious, (overt) like the watermark, through features which need special equipment such as a UV lamp to authenticate them (covert), to the most discreet, known only to a very few people (forensic).


Security features that complement a watermark include:


Security threads.

Threads include Cleartext (issuing authority legend can be read in transmitted light); Thermotext (thread coated with thermochromic pigment that changes colour when heated, for example by rubbing with a finger); holographic thread; and machine-readable thread.


Chemical sensitising.

Hidden or encapsulated dyestuffs that produce vivid voiding stains on the application of a broad range of chemicals commonly used to tamper with documents.


Embedded security fibres.

Synthetic fibres dispersed throughout the paper during manufacture. They are available in a range of colours that are visible in normal light and fluoresce under UV light. We recommend a selected mix of fibres.



Electron-Beam Holography

In partnership with a UK company that is the leader in security microstructure technology, we are able to offer all our clients the choice of either classical 3-D laser holograms or an Electron Beam generated hologram. Electron beam holography can provide a refined and superior holographic security features to counter the threat of counterfeiting and also simplify the identification of original documents. Some standard features of electron beam holography are:


§  Dynamic and multi-channel visual effects

§  Special optical elements

§  Low-light recognition visual features

§  Advanced covert laser viewable images

§  Complex nanographics at 500,000 dpi

§  Fingerprint topology


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