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Operational excellence leads to relocation to cope with high
demand for services

New software investment to
refine business processes……





Al-Alfain is a leading commercial printer based in Kuwait. Since the company was founded in 1993 we have excelled in building a reputation that represents creativity, quality and innovation.


Our principal business operations are in commercial and security printing. We have a 2400 square meter production facility that is based in the Kuwaiti governorate of Hawally. This allows us to produce both commercial and security printing products under the same roof.


We operate throughout the Middle East with sales that are spread mainly in the commercial sector of printing products and our security products division is mainly guided to serving government ministries and financial institutions.


Our graphic design team are of graduate calibre, highly skilled and with an artistic flair that can’t be duplicated.


Our sales team’s expertise, knowledge of product and their ability to give any client’s project a marketing advantage is unsurpassed.


You will find that we are unique in that we invest heavily in technology to enhance and refine our design, production and sales processes to provide our clients an unparalleled product and level of service.


Al-Alfain delivers the right product, in the right format at the right time.


We offer our exclusive products and services to you at an affordable and competitive price without any compromise to product quality or service.



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