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Operational excellence leads to relocation to cope with high
demand for services

New software investment to
refine business processes……





Al-Alfain builds and focuses:

§  on our market, by giving our customers the best commercial and security printing products and services for their money.


§  in our workplace, by ensuring that all employees are empowered, involved and fairly rewarded.


§  on our shareholders, by driving continually increasing value from the company products and services.

§  technology.

Our financial objectives are to generate:

Modest top line growth


Profit improvement through


§  cost reduction and ongoing productivity improvements

§  streamlining of production processes

§  maximisation of potential savings from technology investment

All leading to improved returns to shareholders


We believe that driving operational efficiency and focusing our investment in our core businesses provides the best opportunity to deliver improved shareholder value.


Over the past two years we have focused the entire Al-Alfain organisation on delivering these strategic objectives which are explained below in more detail.


§  Modest top line growth.

Our strategy is to focus strongly on delivering creative innovations to our customers which add value to their businesses through marketing materials.


Within the past 2 years Al-Alfain has launched new product innovations in security printing and electron beam holography applications. We continue to promote a proactive, customer-driven culture throughout our business that places partnership with customers as a central corporate value.


§  Profit improvement through cost reduction and productivity improvement

Operational excellence is critical to our customers and to us, and efficiency savings contribute substantially to our profits each year. Process improvements continue to raise the bar, enabling better cost and quality and therefore a better service to our customers. We are able to provide a better service in terms of cost and quality to our customers by constant process improvements. We transfer best practice throughout the company to achieve operational excellence in all of our departments.


We invest heavily in technology to streamline our business processes and look for opportunities to utilise existing technology and potential new technologies to enable us to implement this high level of refinement throughout all processes within Al-Alfain.




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