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Security Printing

Security Features
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Security Design


Security Design

We provide in-house design services using a revolutionary digital design and assembly system for security printing. It is an award winning pre-production solution and has become a standard in the security printing market for many years. It is the first choice of qualified markets such as check printers and other high-security printers, passport, entry visa and card producers.


The system we utilise allows the creation of a security document from scratch, the adaptation of an existing design or importing files from various sources. We can provide a series of special security features that include guilloche patterns, variable line width, special security screens, special deformations, microtext, crystal patterns, UV ink preview, and many more which are all available to you from our high security paper design team at Al-Alfain.


Document Security Experience

Al-Alfain has built its security paper reputation on producing high security certificates and documents which have the same level of protection as the banknotes of national currencies. Such certificates include both personal and commercial information, all vulnerable to attempts at counterfeit or fraudulent alteration for financial or other gain.


Al-Alfain designs and prints certificates such as vital records, birth, marriage and death certificates import and export documents, entry visa labels, prescription pads, state benefit books, food coupons, certificates of authenticity for manufactured goods, and financial instruments such as stock and bond certificates.


We offer certificate issuers a range of different levels and combinations of security features, including cylinder mould-made watermarked paper, intaglio printing of security designs, classical 3-D laser and electron beam generated holograms.

Professional Security Standards

Al-Alfain is dedicated to the exclusive printing of high security paper for customers throughout the Middle East. The Al-Alfain print press production facility therefore operates at the highest possible level of security.


All processes - from raw material processing, design through to production and finishing - are conducted under the most vigilant security measures.


Physical security, accountability and the protection of confidential and sensitive information are given as much emphasis as the control of production, so that every sheet or metre of paper produced, shipped and destroyed can be accounted for.


Compulsory security checks are carried out on all new employees.


Al-Alfain also considers the management and security of its electronic data and systems, and the security of finished products in transit to customers in the same professional manner. 

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