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Security Printing

Security Features
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Security Design


Al-Alfain is unique. We are the only printer in Kuwait licensed to print high-security and non-currency paper. We provide expertise, support and advice on document protection as well as manufacturing and implementation, based on a combination of experience in security printing, ongoing product research and highly skilled personnel. Governments, financial institutions and commercial organisations all over the Middle East look first to Al-Alfain for help in their ongoing fight against counterfeit and fraud.


We offer a wide range of security solutions ranging from high security substrates, inks and printed features, to 3D and Electron Beam holograms. These solutions can include full personalisation and tracking of documents, secure storage and distribution.


We choose our paper stock only from sources recognised as producing and being the most secure achievable. This is partly because all security features are incorporated into the paper during manufacture.


Our expertise has grown and developed to stay ahead of the increasing sophistication of the technologies used to counterfeit and fraudulently alter documents. The universal accessibility of personal computers, digital imaging software and scanners, photocopiers and high quality printers has vastly increased the levels of threat to secure documents, from cheques to certificates, money orders to passports.



Each one of our clients has their own, bespoke specifications drawn up to meet particular current and future threats. We advise all our clients firstly on the choice of paper for their requirements right through to combining numerous overt and covert security features. This is all possible locally in Kuwait with our in-house high security paper design team.


Together with our technology partners Al-Alfain has extensive technical knowledge and unsurpassed understanding of effective document protection. Al-Alfain’s high security paper is used in a wide variety of applications by customers throughout the Middle East who value our experience and expertise.


Some applications of high security paper:

Brand protection


§  Authentication labels


Security documents


§  Identity documents

§  Vital records (birth and death certificates)

§  Title deeds

§  Motor vehicle title documents

§  Ballot papers

§  Share certificates

§  Licence documents

§  Entry visa labels

§  Laser printable security forms



Revenue protection 


§  Fiscal stamps

§  Revenue stamps



Instruments of payment


§  Cheques

§  Traveller’s cheques

§  Traveller’s cheques


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